Luxury European Style

Quality renovation services and specialty European decorative finishes

    “During my years living and working in Paris, I built my business from the bottom up. I have over 20 years’
    experience in residential & commercial renovation and exceptional taste in quality renovation finishing. I have now settled in
    Vancouver, BC with my family where I want to help create your dream home with the same quality and craftsmanship I learned in France.”

    – Moussa (Bassiony Contractors)

  • We supervise all aspects of renovating your residential home or commercial office building

  • Everything from laminate and hardwood flooring, cabinets and cupboards, trim, and baseboards

  • The most important aspect of interior construction, we guarantee a Level 5 straight, smooth finish every time

  • Create a brilliant finish with luxe vintage-style decorative painting, stucco, and traditional Tadelakt plaster

    Bassiony ContractorsBassiony ContractorsBassiony Contractors
  • We consistently deliver quality results with professionalism and excellent customer service

  • We have over 20 years experience renovating apartments & commercial buildings in France

  • Our Vancouver, BC, Canada based team members are fluent in multiple languages including French and English

  • Call 6043639409 or email moussa[at]bassionycontractors [dot]com for a free quote

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